Donnerstag, 9. August 2012

Updates on parts of WonderfulChristinaRicci tonight!

So great!
Christina is back!
We fans couldn´t get some brandnew news, pics and so on with Christina
the last time, right after she filmed "Around the Block" in Sydney and
now here she is -
and so lovely and beautiful!

I have posted a link with lovely pics of her at a birthday-party -
very many pics without her, too, you can browse through over hundred pics
and be happy seeing her again!
Maybe it´s better for you to use the search engine above
 if you are interested in the pics with Christina only!
The pics are from August 08th in 2012!

This link on tumblr and facebook:

WonderfulChristinaRicci - News Link Collection!

Link on tumblr:

Link on facebook:

Oh yes, I think she needed some holiday after working so hard for a long time!
Happy to see her again, so happy!

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