Freitag, 7. September 2012

Site-news tonight!

I´ve finally decided to end writing posts
with the links to all updates on the other pages.

I had much fun while posting tonight,
there was much to do and that´s great!

So I don´t want to write a post with all the links now.
Destroys the fun!

And my fanblog looks better without these entries, too.

From now you can visit the other parts of WonderfulChristinaRicci
like the time before -
by using the links beside,
on the right side of this page!

Enjoy my fanblog for our charming Christina Ricci and if you like to, the other pages, too -
with photoshoots, movie-pics, fanvideos, news and gallery with favorites.

Everytime you are interested:
Enjoy and have fun!

Greetings from Germany!

Miriam Le (miriamle )

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