Samstag, 2. Februar 2013

Christina Ricci: "Make Up For Ever" - event at the Grove (L.A.) + Finally Engaged to her James - Little special (2012/2013)!

First the most important: Warm gratulations to Christina´s engagement! 
 Seems to me there would be no problems like the first time! 
It´s a wonderful news, but if you read and think about it you might be very amused!
 First I was happy and after I had much fun and this is the proof Christina is genius!
She´s got very much control about the yellow press. She seems to love her privacy and it looks like 
she does what she can. Did you realize we have not enough
 really personal information about her (newest example: the date of the engagement)?
She seems to want this and it works very most! Yes, she is an impressing!
I feel so, so dumb because of this news...  Am I able to think?  Haha! The Yellow Press... Haha, too!
Christina said nothing about her engagement but: All the signs! There were so many signs, we had to be sure she is engaged. Wearing her engagement ring on the airport and the paparazzi... A problem, but not for her! Wow! A wonderful facette, thats why I am a so huge fan, I am so happy she is not on Twitter or something. But it´s alright: I think most of us didn´t know, but now we do. Good, too!

In the web it´s very, very, much to this news, but I think, this little special to Christina´s
engagement has good chosen news-links and the pics I have chosen (from a promo-event
to promote her designed make-up bag for "Make Up Forever", during this she told it)
for my little gallery are stunning!

Enjoy 2 news links and my little gallery!

2 news-links to the engagement of Christina Ricci and James Heerdegen:

My little and fascinating gallery:

Source of all these pics (if you visit: there are more!):

So wonderful!
On these pics Christina is beautiful in a special way - 
looks like she was really happy that moment, she can look so unhappy on pics.
All the best for Christina Ricci and James Heerdegen!
I hope jealousy is not a huge problem,  I know there are enough fans who want to marry her!

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