Samstag, 23. Februar 2013

Christina Ricci: Unterwegs mit Freunden - Christina with friends (22. Februar 2013)!

Christina had an evening together with friends yesterday.
She looked so beautiful in a natural way! Johnny Depp was with her, he has been a 
very good friend of Christina since they have met first on set of "Mermaids".
Great Christina has a so good friendship for a so long time and I hope
 some of her other friends she does know so long, too!

Enjoy the news-link and the little gallery,
the source of these pictures I used for the gallery is this article!

First the news - link
(the focus is on Johnny Depp, but huge space for Christina, too!):

The little gallery:

Source of these pictures:
(link above)

"Our" beauty Christina in a very good mood -
Christina looks so happy on these pictures and gives the proof
she doesn´t need to dress up for looking beautiful!
So wow!

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