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Christina Ricci: Kleines Spezial - "Auf die harte Tour" (1991) - 3 CapEdits und 4 MovieQuote-Edits!

Christina hat vor kurzem ihr erstes Kind zur Welt gebracht 
(habe ich natürlich drüber berichtet!) - hier nun deshalb als "Kleines
 Spezial" Christina selbst als Kind in "Auf die harte Tour" von 1991
 auf 3 CapEdits und 4 MovieQuote-Edits. Viel Spaß!

Christina has given birth to her first child a little time before 
(certainly I´ve written about this!) - because of this here now my "Little
 Special" with Christina herself as a child in "The Hard Way", released
 in 1991 on 3 CapEdits and 4 MovieQuote-edits. Enjoy!

Christina Ricci as "Bonnie" in "The Hard Way" (1991) -

Meine 3 CapEdits:

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Meine 4 MovieQuote-Edits:

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What a huge talent and impressing charisma back then already -
it had been for sure back then Christina will be a so amazing and so 
successful actress. And yes, she still is - forever and ever!
And now she is newly a mother - how time flies!

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