Donnerstag, 7. Februar 2013

Christina Ricci by Robin Holland (1998)

Robin Holland had a so impressing shoot with Christina while promoting "Buffalo ´66"!
Vincent Gallo had chosen Christina for his "Layla" - this was the best choice!
He had been photographed with Christina and with Christina only
there are pictures, too! In different way still posted by me and
 now you can can enjoy these pics in this entry (again)!

Enjoy this gallery!

First my little gallery with 2 Cover-Scans:

Now my little gallery with pics from this shoot with Christina alone:

And at last 4 pics of Christina with Vincent Gallo together:

My source of these shoot-pics with Christina only and the ones with Vincent Gallo:

What a shoot!
These pics are so very, very impressing -
it´s possible I forget the trouble between Christina an Vincent Gallo then
when I take a look on this shoot! And Christina´s eyes...

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