Sonntag, 10. Februar 2013

Christina Ricci: My edits - new fanart and site-news!

These are my last created edits and I hope you like them!
Because of Christina´s so huge and wonderful charisma it´s especially much fun to make them!


If you are on tumblr, you can see my edits there, because I´ve opened a page there,
where you can see these pics. This new page is only for my edits and I will publish them here
on mainblog, too, but if you like to visit my new page, although you aren´t a tumblr-user:
I post the link at the end of this entry and you can take a look!

There is only one change on my edits:
I have been impatient with writing the whole address of mainblog on these pics
after a while, but I want to write on them so I decided to write
only WonderfulChristinaRicci.

Now I am very happy with my edits!

Enjoy 6 a little older ones 
and the newest one made like I told you above!

First here the 6 older ones:

And here my newest edit with it´s change:

Source is my collection on tumblr:

Christina is a so stunning woman and a so interesting person. Good to see on my edits,
where her charisma, facettes and personality are so great to see!
Christina is a beauty - but there´s so much more!

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