Donnerstag, 8. Mai 2014

WonderfulChristinaRicci: Site-news - New design on Twitter!

Tonight I´ve changed the design on Twitter -
I´ve switched to the new profile-design and used for the header
and the profile-pic two of my older edits of Christina as "Elizabeth Wurtzel"
in "Prozac Nation" from 2001. Here I publish a snapshot of new design.

WonderfulChristinaRicci on Twitter:

The current design on Twitter:

I hope you like what I´ve made based on Twitter´s new design -
and I hope you like to follow WonderfulChristinaRicci on Twitter furthermore
to not to miss the updates on all of my fanpages dedicated to Christina.

Kind greetings from Germany,

Miriam Le (miriamle)

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